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Tips from a Vertical Blinds Service on How to Install Mini Blinds

To put up mini-blinds will only need a few tools and approximately 20 minutes of your time per window. The tools that will be needed generally include a screwdriver, a measuring tape, and a small spirit level, in addition, depending on how high the windows are, a stepladder and power drill are often good tools to have on standby should you be going the DIY route instead of hiring a professional vertical blinds service to do the job for you.

Mini-blinds generally come with all the relevant hardware needed to secure them in place. This has to be first attached to the frame before the mini-blinds can be put up. An exterior mount is a common installation method. The word exterior pertains to the brackets which are getting mounted on the outside of the window frame.

This installation usually starts with first marking the frame where the brackets are going to be placed in order to support the mini-blind. Use your spirit level, and hold the mini-blind just below the upper window sill edge. When it is level, mark the ends where the brackets are going to be screwed to the window frame.

Using your measuring tape, make sure the blind is properly centered by measuring the width of the window, then subtract the length of the actual mini-blind. The leftover width is then divided by 2. These numbers will represent how far the the mini-blinds needs to fall on either side of the window.

Put the brackets on and position their edges flush with the marks you made earlier. An awlis sometimes needed to create indentations for the screws. Use your drill and install the right and left brackets, however, do not tighten the screws totally. Once both are installed, test the brackets by inserting your mini-blind. Then simply adjust the brackets as necessary, and then screw firmly in place.

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