How Does One Clean Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds Service Tips on How to Care for Your Blinds

In order to keep your blinds as clean as possible, in addition to making this cleaning task easy, we at Vertical Blinds Repair & Whole Selling tell all our vertical blinds service customers to undertake a regular schedule of light cleaning. Light cleaning Venetian blinds does involve quite a lot of work, however, it does not mean you need to give your Venetian blinds a deep clean less often.

The simplest way most people use is to gently dust their blinds using either a feather or fluffy duster. But, for a more in-depth clean you need to manually dust each individual slat by wiping them with a dry cloth. Some people use alternatives to this, such as cotton gloves, old socks, antistatic cloths, and even tumble dryer wipes.

There are also special Venetian blind slat cleaning products available in most household stores. These resemble cooking tongues that have felt pads and are capable of cleaning Three slats at the same time. Should there be any stains, marks or grease on the slats, you may have to use some water and a cleaning solution to speed up the process. Most different kinds of cleaning solution like window cleaners and washing up liquid have been successfully used, and there are special cleaning sprays available today that claim to leave the slats in an antistatic state, thus, reducing the amount of dust attracted to them.

However before you use any cleaning solution, first check with your blind manufacturer to find out if it is suitable. It is also worth testing the solution first on a small spot that is not visible. Should you be using water or a cleaning solution, we advise only using the smallest amount and give a slat a quick wipe down. By doing this, it will ensure the grease or dirt will not be spread to any of the other slats in the process. To learn more about how our vertical blind service can help you, call us now we are in Fort Lauderdale, FL on (954) 302-8453.