Are Your New Blinds Too Big for Your Window?

Blinds Installation Service Tips on Trimming Vertical Blind

Measure the width of your the window in order to determine what the exact width of the blinds needs to be. Generally, a set of inside-mounted blinds needs to measure around 1.3cm less than the actual width of the window frame. Make sure you also measure the inside of the frame, as this is where the blinds will sit, and not the whole window frame. Our blinds installation service sees this mistake made all too often by homeowners.

Line up your blind slats and the bottom rail, so they are even and level. Make sure your pull cord is completely engaged, and there is no slack. Secure each end of the slats with either a clamp or with rubber bands. Make sure they are good and tight, and even. You need to line them up perfectly to ensure a straight, and true cut. The band or clamp needs to be on the inside of wherever you make the cut.

Put masking tape on the ends of the slats to prevent splintering or chipping. This can be extremely helpful when you are working with wood or faux wood blinds. Measure and mark what the width needs to be, this should also line up with your newly cut headrail. Use a straight edge to make sure everything is lined up properly, and then draw a line where you need to cut.

Make sure your headrail does not get in the way of the saw blade by sliding all the slats to one side. Once you have drawn your line, slide the slats away when possible from the headrail. Cut the slats and bottom rail with either a circular or table saw. When working on plastic blinds, you could use a set of sheers. Check that all the slats, headrail, and the bottom rail have been cut exactly the same length. Should this not be the case, carefully trim any elements as required to make sure you have a consistent width. Then simply sand the rough edges with some sandpaper and hang your blinds. If you live in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area and are looking for a quality blinds installation service, call Vertical Blinds Repair & Whole Selling now on (954) 302-8453.