What Can Go Wrong with Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds Service Tips on Basic Repairs

Slats which do not lower

To begin with, hold your lift cords level to the head rail and pull gently. This will release the cord lock. However, should this not sort the problem out, remove your blind. Find the cord lock mechanism, you should see a pin. With the aid of a flat head screwdriver, turn it perpendicular to the head rail. Then push the pin to unlock the cords, as soon as you do this, the slats should lower, if all else fails, contact your nearest vertical blinds service for help.

Slats that do not tilt

Often, the tilt rod becomes detached from the tilt mechanism found in the head rail, this can be down to poor handling during shipment. This means the tilt mechanism has moved even though the slats remain in place. To sort this problem out, remove the blind off the window. When looking at your head rail, you should see a metal rod which runs the entire length of your head rail, where you will be able to find where the tilt mechanism is located. Very gently push the tilt rod back into place where the tilt mechanism is housed. Should you push the rod through properly, you should get a better tilt positioning, once done, simply replace the blind on to your window.

Replacing the tilter

Remove the blind off the window. Should you have a wand tilt, remove this also. Should you have a cord tilt, then you will need to remove the tassels. Then, take off the metal end piece or plastic cap off the head rail. Slide the tilt rod out to clear the tilter. Then simply replace the tilter and push down until it all snaps into place again.

Try using the tilter shaft until the tilter rod has lined up with the portion inside the tilter. Then, push the rod through the tilter and put the end cap back on. For cord tilts, check to make sure the tassels are all even when the blind is open, the tassels have to be attached once the cord tilter is installed, and not beforehand.

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