The Advantages of Using Vertical Blinds

Why People Should Go for Vertical Blinds Service

Do you want to change the covers for your window, yet you’re still unsure what material you should use? Vertical blinds can be used for the windows. Most remodelers prefer to go for a vertical blinds service since they are beneficial for clients in terms of utility and budget. To know more about it, read this article:

Diverse choices

One of the reasons vertical blinds are preferred is that they offer various choices in terms of design, size, and material. You can go for vinyl, aluminum, faux wood, and more. With these options, you can choose two or more designs that are appropriate for your home. You can either take turns in using them or you can mix them.

Protects from heat

Another reason vertical blinds are preferred is that they are effective in terms of protecting heat. They help decrease the heat index inside the house, which can help you save money on electricity. Other than that, blinds also help in trapping off heat within your home, which is an advantage for you as you can save more energy during the winter season.


Vertical blinds are also affordable. In fact, they are even more affordable and easily maintained as compared to curtains. Hence, your budget will not be damaged whenever you purchase these for your windows. What’s more is that the price you’re paying for is worth it since they can last longer. As long as they’re properly maintained, they can last for more than 5 to 10 years.

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How Does One Clean Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds Service Tips on How to Care for Your Blinds

In order to keep your blinds as clean as possible, in addition to making this cleaning task easy, we at Vertical Blinds Repair & Whole Selling tell all our vertical blinds service customers to undertake a regular schedule of light cleaning. Light cleaning Venetian blinds does involve quite a lot of work, however, it does not mean you need to give your Venetian blinds a deep clean less often.

The simplest way most people use is to gently dust their blinds using either a feather or fluffy duster. But, for a more in-depth clean you need to manually dust each individual slat by wiping them with a dry cloth. Some people use alternatives to this, such as cotton gloves, old socks, antistatic cloths, and even tumble dryer wipes.

There are also special Venetian blind slat cleaning products available in most household stores. These resemble cooking tongues that have felt pads and are capable of cleaning Three slats at the same time. Should there be any stains, marks or grease on the slats, you may have to use some water and a cleaning solution to speed up the process. Most different kinds of cleaning solution like window cleaners and washing up liquid have been successfully used, and there are special cleaning sprays available today that claim to leave the slats in an antistatic state, thus, reducing the amount of dust attracted to them.

However before you use any cleaning solution, first check with your blind manufacturer to find out if it is suitable. It is also worth testing the solution first on a small spot that is not visible. Should you be using water or a cleaning solution, we advise only using the smallest amount and give a slat a quick wipe down. By doing this, it will ensure the grease or dirt will not be spread to any of the other slats in the process. To learn more about how our vertical blind service can help you, call us now we are in Fort Lauderdale, FL on (954) 302-8453.

Are Your New Blinds Too Big for Your Window?

Blinds Installation Service Tips on Trimming Vertical Blind

Measure the width of your the window in order to determine what the exact width of the blinds needs to be. Generally, a set of inside-mounted blinds needs to measure around 1.3cm less than the actual width of the window frame. Make sure you also measure the inside of the frame, as this is where the blinds will sit, and not the whole window frame. Our blinds installation service sees this mistake made all too often by homeowners.

Line up your blind slats and the bottom rail, so they are even and level. Make sure your pull cord is completely engaged, and there is no slack. Secure each end of the slats with either a clamp or with rubber bands. Make sure they are good and tight, and even. You need to line them up perfectly to ensure a straight, and true cut. The band or clamp needs to be on the inside of wherever you make the cut.

Put masking tape on the ends of the slats to prevent splintering or chipping. This can be extremely helpful when you are working with wood or faux wood blinds. Measure and mark what the width needs to be, this should also line up with your newly cut headrail. Use a straight edge to make sure everything is lined up properly, and then draw a line where you need to cut.

Make sure your headrail does not get in the way of the saw blade by sliding all the slats to one side. Once you have drawn your line, slide the slats away when possible from the headrail. Cut the slats and bottom rail with either a circular or table saw. When working on plastic blinds, you could use a set of sheers. Check that all the slats, headrail, and the bottom rail have been cut exactly the same length. Should this not be the case, carefully trim any elements as required to make sure you have a consistent width. Then simply sand the rough edges with some sandpaper and hang your blinds. If you live in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area and are looking for a quality blinds installation service, call Vertical Blinds Repair & Whole Selling now on (954) 302-8453.

Want More Privacy in Your Bathroom?

Tips from a Vertical Blinds Service on How to Install Mini Blinds

To put up mini-blinds will only need a few tools and approximately 20 minutes of your time per window. The tools that will be needed generally include a screwdriver, a measuring tape, and a small spirit level, in addition, depending on how high the windows are, a stepladder and power drill are often good tools to have on standby should you be going the DIY route instead of hiring a professional vertical blinds service to do the job for you.

Mini-blinds generally come with all the relevant hardware needed to secure them in place. This has to be first attached to the frame before the mini-blinds can be put up. An exterior mount is a common installation method. The word exterior pertains to the brackets which are getting mounted on the outside of the window frame.

This installation usually starts with first marking the frame where the brackets are going to be placed in order to support the mini-blind. Use your spirit level, and hold the mini-blind just below the upper window sill edge. When it is level, mark the ends where the brackets are going to be screwed to the window frame.

Using your measuring tape, make sure the blind is properly centered by measuring the width of the window, then subtract the length of the actual mini-blind. The leftover width is then divided by 2. These numbers will represent how far the the mini-blinds needs to fall on either side of the window.

Put the brackets on and position their edges flush with the marks you made earlier. An awlis sometimes needed to create indentations for the screws. Use your drill and install the right and left brackets, however, do not tighten the screws totally. Once both are installed, test the brackets by inserting your mini-blind. Then simply adjust the brackets as necessary, and then screw firmly in place.

If you need a professional vertical blinds service, call Vertical Blinds Repair & Whole Selling in Fort Lauderdale, FL today on (954) 302-8453.

Unsure on What Type of Blinds to Choose?

Tips from a Professional Blinds Installation Service Provider on Choosing Bespoke Blinds

When it comes down to choosing the best bespoke blinds installation service, this will require some careful planning and homework on your part. It’s important to factor in exactly how much light and heat you want coming into your home or business and how much you want to control this. How they look is vital too, in addition to their compatibility with your windows. Lastly, cost will also be a major factor in your choice.

When considering window coverings, custom blinds are the best choice at controlling incoming light. Almost every kind of blind, ranging from roller to Venetian, will be effective. Different amounts of light coming in different windows will need to be considered, and how much control is needed will greatly depend upon where your home or business is. Some rooms, like bedrooms and conference rooms, will need to be darker, so it’s vital for your to determine which blinds are going to be effective at blocking the light out.

As with most things, light does bring heat. Even windows which are treated for blocking out heat will allow some to come in. However, having the right blinds will prevent this from happening, and this will also help on energy bills. In the hotter regions of the world, you may want to block heat all the time. Whereas, in other more temperate climates, you could want to bring in heat in the wintertime while blocking it in the summertime. Many bespoke blinds provide more freedom; however, some are better at controlling heat than others.

It’s important that your blinds work well on your windows and specific window kinds, like bow or bay windows, will require more specialized blinds. If you want bespoke blinds on skylights or large windows, you should look into motorized blinds, which can be operated using a remote control. For more help and assistance, go to your local blinds installation service provider – they will be able to provide more information on what your windows will need.

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What Can Go Wrong with Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds Service Tips on Basic Repairs

Slats which do not lower

To begin with, hold your lift cords level to the head rail and pull gently. This will release the cord lock. However, should this not sort the problem out, remove your blind. Find the cord lock mechanism, you should see a pin. With the aid of a flat head screwdriver, turn it perpendicular to the head rail. Then push the pin to unlock the cords, as soon as you do this, the slats should lower, if all else fails, contact your nearest vertical blinds service for help.

Slats that do not tilt

Often, the tilt rod becomes detached from the tilt mechanism found in the head rail, this can be down to poor handling during shipment. This means the tilt mechanism has moved even though the slats remain in place. To sort this problem out, remove the blind off the window. When looking at your head rail, you should see a metal rod which runs the entire length of your head rail, where you will be able to find where the tilt mechanism is located. Very gently push the tilt rod back into place where the tilt mechanism is housed. Should you push the rod through properly, you should get a better tilt positioning, once done, simply replace the blind on to your window.

Replacing the tilter

Remove the blind off the window. Should you have a wand tilt, remove this also. Should you have a cord tilt, then you will need to remove the tassels. Then, take off the metal end piece or plastic cap off the head rail. Slide the tilt rod out to clear the tilter. Then simply replace the tilter and push down until it all snaps into place again.

Try using the tilter shaft until the tilter rod has lined up with the portion inside the tilter. Then, push the rod through the tilter and put the end cap back on. For cord tilts, check to make sure the tassels are all even when the blind is open, the tassels have to be attached once the cord tilter is installed, and not beforehand.

If you are looking for a professional vertical blinds service locally, call Vertical Blinds Repair & Whole Selling in Fort Lauderdale, FL today on (954) 302-8453.

Not Sure What Kind of Blinds You Want?

Tips from a Vertical Blinds Service on How to Choose the Best Ones

Ask any professional vertical blinds service and they will tell you that, vertical window blinds are a nice alternative to the traditional horizontal blinds available today. As with most window treatments, there are various options available when it comes to the likes of materials, color, and size used to create vertical blinds. Knowing what all your options make it easier to identify and buy the right ones for your windows, in addition to enhancing the interior design of your home.

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