More About Our Blinds Installation Service

Vertical Blinds Repair & Whole Selling is a professional company specializing in all kinds of window covering service. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we also provide services in many surrounding areas, and our phone lines are open 24/7 for appointments. Learn more about our blinds installation service and work process, below on this page, or browse the rest of this website to know our other services better.

Blinds for Every Interior

We are a reputable blinds wholesaling company offering a variety of colors and material options. Of course, you can pick the blinds and install them yourself, but we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our blinds installation service. Not only do we will take proper care of the installation, we can also recommend a suitable design that will match the rest of your interior and fit your budget.

Work Process

You can book an appointment over the phone 24 hours a day. We provide a free consultation if you need professional advice on the design and the type of blinds that best suit your home. After you make your choice we will give you a free estimate, and after you agree to the quoted price, we are ready to proceed with the actual blinds installation service. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our 1-year warranty policy.

Benefits of Having Blinds

  • You get to control the amount of light entering the room.
  • Great addition to your current design and definitely increase your home’s value.
  • Much better privacy option than drapes.
  • Easy maintenance and care.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Vertical Blinds Repair & Whole Selling is the reputable blinds shop you should definitely contact if you are looking for convenient and affordable blinds services. Pick up the phone, and give us a call at (954) 302-8453 to book your appointment or ask us for additional information over the phone, we are available 24/7!